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    “To Bring Peace to the Islands of Serene”
    A game planned to be constructed off of the Pokémon Essentials kit in RPG Maker XP and is not a ROM hack.

    Hello there, everyone! Welcome to Pokémon Ambient. I am SereneAmbience, your host. As a young child, I adored the world of Pokémon. I still read the manga, play the video games, watch the anime and movies, etc. I practically have lived for the series since the day I started my Pokémon Red version cartridge. As a college student now, I had an idea: to create my very own Pokémon game. I have constructed Pokémon Ambient for over two years now and still going. I dream to finish this project and am willing to give it everything I got. I have fallen in love with the idea and I hope my Pokémon audience will also. Enjoy Pokémon Ambient!

    Imagine a place filled with islands, sandy deserts, volcanoes, tropical jungles, and many cultures of people. Serene, found neighboring close to the Johto region, is locally known as "The Bustling Oasis of the Pokémon World." Set in a futuristic time five years after the events of Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2, each island differs upon size, temperature, lifestyle, and Pokémon. Natives have lived in prosperity for ages working fast-paced careers, evolving the technology market, and partnering with Pokémon.
    You have lived your entire life, which is a total of seventeen years, in Tricott Town. Yesterday was actually your birthday and your parents are starting to get a bit disappointed, because you have yet to acquire a partner Pokémon. After some force from your loving parents, you are soon at the front steps of Professor Palm's Laboratory. You head inside and find a comedic professor, delighted to finally show you how to catch your first Pokémon.
    As you head out with your new buddy, you overhear some dreadful information from neighbors about the political party Team Static imprisoning citizens for protesting industrial development plans in Silk City. The news of a rebellion has rumored a little over a year, beginning with riots and protests. Teams Static reacts by signing with the local police, which has only created more upset. You plan to find the rumored underground rebel group, calling themselves the Dynamic Squad, and aid them with their efforts. You will travel far and wide, discover spiraling mysterious, and find yourself shocked by Team Static.
    In Pokémon Ambient, you may choose either gender; however, keep in mind that characters will react to differently to you upon which gender you choose.

    • All Pokémon Obtainable!
    • Pokémon Walk Amongst Trainers
    • Unlimited TMs
    • New Custom Moves & Effects
    • Tools Replace HMs Discs (Ex: Axe, Hammer, Torch)
      HM moves will still operate the same (dual-process)
    • Five New Types: Light, Magic, Sound, Air, and Cyber
    • Introducing the PokéPad (With Applications)
    • Pre-Gyms & Pre-Gym Leaders
    • Secret Bases Are Everywhere!
    • The Serene Pokémon Conference (The Pokémon World Tournament Variation)
    • New Tropically-Adapted Pokémon
      New Looks, Moves, Types, Colors, and Abilities
    • New Permanent Abilities that function along with regular abilities
    • Bringing Back Shadow Pokémon
      Create Your Own Through DNA Replication
    • "Call" Option in Battle
    • Colosseum & Stadiums Return!
    • Ability To Time Travel With Celebi!
    • Last Names For EVERY Character
    • New Trainer Classes & Renames
    • Characters From Previous Games!
    • Return To Previous Regions (Johto, Kanto, Hoenn)
      Pokémon Movesets/Attributes Depend On Location

    An example of a few screenshots taken from in-game. These are temporary graphics + tiles. As development continues and expands, better visual effects will be presented.

    Here are some works created by our amazing composers: Fenne-kun, lala19357, and AlmightyArceus:

    Comment and tell me what you guys think. I have been creating new ideas for this game for about two years now. I have like four notepads full of concepts and designs. I am currently updating my Google Sites webpage with all the information I have. It will fill up slowly, but surely to be accurate. I will also update this post to keep up with major information. Plot (above) is basic foundation of what I have planned to happen.

    I am now assembling a team. If you can help with any of the options below, please send me a pm with details of which position you could assist with. I am the director, of course, deciding who and what Ambient will have.
    All those who join/distribute will become honorary Ambient Chair Member (ACM). Each member will be given a Chair Member trainer with their name in-game with their favorite team of Pokémon, an appreciation in the game credits and on the official website, and appear in the Standing Skyscraper in Silk City as a NPC attending a board meeting.
    PLEASE, the more the merrier! Even the slightest addition will help this game!

    Spriters: (Those who can distribute graphical art towards the production of Pokémon Ambient. The required field must contain skill working with others and artistic ability with mandatory pixel or digital artwork. The graphics needed are as follows: 5th-generation Trainer sprites and overworlds (Elite Four / Gym Leaders / Champion / Hero / Heroin / Rival / Professor / Principal Characters), official badges for the gyms (Simple / Antenna / Core / Sail / Force / Raging / Gem / Grand), and 5th-generation tilesets (Tiles that give the effect that the game is partially 3D). The final decision of the graphics will be decided by the Director.)

    Scripters/Engineers: (Those who can distribute skill towards the scripting or mechanics of Pokémon Ambient. The required field must contain skill working with others and the Ruby programming language of RPG Maker XP. The performance needed is as follows: be on call for the Director when a scripting issue or bug occurs, work with the mechanics for a specific events, Pokémon attack mechanics and function, Trainer menu functions, and/or programming the abilities of Pokémon mechanics. The final decision of the scripts will be decided by the Director.)

    Composers: (Those who can distribute music works towards the production of Pokémon Ambient. The required field must contain skill working with others, music software of any kind, and an assortment of knowledge about music theory. The compositions needed must consist of electronic synthesis, instrumental (orchestra or otherwise), classical Pokémon works, and, of course, natural or electronic ambient. A list of games that provide inspiration towards the Director's vision are as follow: Pokémon Stadium / Pokémon Stadium 2 / Pokémon Colosseum / Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness / Pokémon Battle Revolution / Pokémon Mystery Dungeon sagas / Pokémon Black & White / Pokémon Black 2 & White 2. The final decision of the works will be decided by the Director.)

    Mappers: (Those who can distribute graphical organization towards the production of Pokémon Ambient. The required field must contain skill working with others and artistic ability with mandatory pixel or digital artwork. The organizer needed must contain elements of feng-shui, artistic or inspirational vision, and format design to create lush and colorful environments. These environments are as follows: seafloor, routes, valleys, mountains, volcanoes, deserts, cities, towns, caves, oceans, and more. The final decision of the design will be decided by the Director.)

    Supporters: (Those who openly distribute to the thread, site, or overall function of Pokémon Ambient. This position is for those hardcore fans who voice their interest and express their opinion(s) about the game's game play, story, sound, or graphical effects)

    Here are userbars for promotion of Pokémon Ambient:


    The Pokémon Company/Nintendo (R) (Pokémon Copyright)

    Essentials Team: (Everyone whom created and aided the efforts of the Pokémon Essentials kit)
    P-Sign (Pokemon Essentials Ultimate BW Pack 7)
    If I didn't list your participation and well-deserved credit, please contact me so I can add you!

    Principals: (Chair Members that have contributed much time and thought towards the success of Pokémon Ambient)
    SereneAmbience (Director/Story Author/Mapper/Artwork & Pixel Artist/Event Engineer) [Skype: Lord_Ambient]
    elarmasecreta (Move Effect Engineer)
    Fire Flyy (Logo Artist)
    Rayziken 2 (Mapper)
    Silversnk (Español Translator)
    Fenne-kun (Vice-Director of PC/Composer)
    AlmightyArceus (Composer)
    lala19357 (Composer)
    LugiaDialga (Composer)
    TheLegendary35 (Composer)
    OmegaDrapion (Graphic Artist)
    darkrown (Graphic Artist)
    Hnturs12! (Composer)
    [URL=""]@PokeMusicMaster[/URL] (Composer)

    Supporters: (Chair Members that have supported immensely towards the success of Pokémon Ambient)
    Jolteon of Doom
    Saving Raven

    Contributors: (Creators of public sprites, tiles, or graphic that have supported immensely towards the success of Pokémon Ambient)

    For more information, click THIS LINK to find out more information about specific details. Our DeviantArt Group can be found HERE, our Twitter located HERE, and lastly our official Facebook page for updates is HERE! Please feel free to comment or make suggestions to improve Ambient!
    My best form of contact will be my Skype: Lord_Ambient


    Google Site______Pokémon Ambient______DeviantArt
    "To Bring Peace to the Islands of Serene”__Twitter

    Skype Username: Lord_Ambient
    Email: [email protected]