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    The odd girl who seemed to blather on before them seemed to be communicating with whoever was in her stomach. A booming voice emitted from Emily's direct although it did seem muffled quite a bit. Bay automatically assumed this was just from Lucy and not long after that, a boy came running quickly at them with a stance that looked more like he was charging at them and Bay was tempted to dive out the way although Mako stopped before running into Bay. Bay couldn’t place his finger on it but he had seen this boy. Before Bay could ask a single question Mako seemed to walk past him to Amethyst, who was still restrained. They seemed to be previously acquainted and Bay knew for a fact that he had seen this boy around the same area.

    Bay looked at Mako’s back and saw Cecilia piggybacking on him, causing more curiosity to arise but before Bay could query, he felt a sharp pain in the form of a low blow that caused him to keel over and protectively clutch his manhood. He roared out in pain, losing his awareness of the rest of the situation and crumpled to the ground now and vision started to blur. The pain pulsed through his body, the worse of it seemed to lie within his stomach, which was agonizing. He temporarily tolerated the pain, to hear Amy say something and then afterwards, Bay managed to get to his feet, still feeling sore, and distanced himself from Amy and getting closer to Emily. As he got out of earshot of Amy and close enough to Emily he whispered “For the love of Arceus, can you release Lucy so she can calm that kid down!” he said, raising his voice and pointing at Amy on the word “kid”. He regretted doing saying this, but at the same time, his little bit of pride didn’t want to admit that this girl had downed him.

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