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Originally Posted by fortworth96 View Post
What would you want for these?

*SMR2012 Keldeo*
Lvl 15, Brave
-Aqua Jet
-Double Kick

*プラズマ ゲノセクト (Plasma Genesect)*
Lvl 50, Lonely
-Techno Blast
-Magnet Bomb
-Solar Beam
-Signal Beam

I have:
Shiny Darkrai
Shiny Lugia
Shiny Dialga
Pikachu Colored Pichu
VGC09 Milotic
Suicune (Jap)

Any Pokemon I trade would be clones.
I really don't care. I do those free, so just give me whatever you feel like giving me.
Originally Posted by UltraXTheMagmaDrapion View Post
I'm new to this, so sorry, but I'm a little confused. With the event Pokemon, it says the price is free... You're giving them away absolutely free?

Otherwise... I'm interested in a bred Pokemon, but a question if I may:
If I want an Egg Move Male, does the Egg Move Male it costs need anything special about it? Does it need to be a Pokemon you don't have already, or have a special move?
Events are free, which means you can give me anything for them. Even a Rattata. And as for the Egg move male, it just has to be one I don't have, meaning if you see it on the list, I don't need it.
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