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    Originally Posted by DaSpirit View Post
    You seem to make progress really fast. Is there a demo or anything we can try?
    Depends. Define what should be in the demo at a minimum.

    Originally Posted by Arandomgamemaker View Post
    Wow, this is pretty cool that you're making this! Do you need any help with sprites?
    Yes. I have people doing most things. I don't have anyone on the following things.
    • VS Sequences. Make the images at the original size and I will use scale2x to re-size them. (Using the Gimp plug-in + the BIMP plug-in) I will attach the current VS image folder to this post, so you can see how it is done.
    • I could use some 96 x 96 pictures of items. Use the Dream World artwork it is the closest in size. If there is not dreamworld artwork then don't make a picture, I acknowledge that not everything can be found in the Dream World.
    • Pokemon window skins are a must have for this kit. I only have 4 I want about 20, so the player can cycle during the game.
    • An image to use for sandstorm weather and for intense sunlight.
    • A faceset for Eggs
    • BW2 Overworlds (e-mail me for the process on how to make the charactersets)
    • Move animations.

    Any of the above are good.

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