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    Indigo Wave - Close to the Shore -> ???

    This was great. Just great. Fantastic even. Without any clue as to how, Indigo had absolutely no idea where he was now. He's spent the past while managing to completely miss Oak Town and had somehow managed to become completely lost in the twilight, wandering into an open building. He must have been reading Bright's map wrong, because he had travelled far further than he should have. If anyone could see him now, they'd laugh at him for sure. It was pathetic. He had wandered for the best part of ten minutes when he finally came to an area with some form of life within. The problem was, there were too /many/ people...

    Indigo scanned the room, trying to see if anyone else was on their own. Most of the students were accompanied. Of course, Indigo would make no attempt to talk to /those/ people. They'd all stare at him or something like that... Spotting one girl(Gwen) sitting alone, Indigo immediately thought about asking her if he could sit down with her, but stopped when he noticed her adjusting the spectacles on her face. Was she waiting for someone? That was probably the case, and he didn't want to be bothersome. Feeling insecure about the whole prospect, he just stood there in the middle of the canteen doing nothing but looking around, taking a glance at Gwen every so often. When no one came for a short while, Indigo finally decided to stop standing around like a moron and walked to Gwen, standing behind the chair opposite her.

    "Sorry to bother you, but is this seat taken?" Indigo enquired politely as he could.

    He didn't know this girl at all. For all he knew she could be completely rotten on the inside. It could also be true that this girl was the nicest person in the world. So for now, probably not a great idea to immediately treat her like total garbage. As Bright had said last time Indigo had seen his big brother: "Not everyone's out to act in a nasty manner towards you, little brother. Even so, just don't be too trusting." The words had stuck with the younger sibling, even if Indigo had figured that out ever since the... Incident.

    Andrew "Andy" Rede

    Andy nodded to Shawn, standing up rather quickly. Upon doing so he felt a rush of blood to his legs and nearly fell over. Only barely managing to steady himself using the bed behind him, Andy looked up at Shawn and smiled. He plucked his bag from the bed and slung it over his shoulder, preparing himself to leave the room. Andy was sure he'd be back again sometime, but hopefully when that moment came it wouldn't be for the same reason as today.

    "Let's get going then, no time to waste!" Andy laughed, finally feeling back in control. "Adventure awaits us guys, let's make the most of the night and see if we can get a few battles in while we're at it!" He could barely contain his excitement, for whatever reason, he just felt so /alive/ again!

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