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    Cecil was daydreaming about home and what his parents could be doing this Thanksgiving. Cecil sighed out of boredom. “When is the nurse gonna be done,”Cecil wondered. Just then, he saw Haunter float out of the room and approach Cecil. “it's about time,”said Cecil,“now, lets get to the cafeteria and fast-”

    “Wait,” the nurse called Cecil,“you mustn't forget your other pokemon”

    “O-oh, thanks,”Cecil said embarrased by his mistake

    “Well,”the nurse laughed,“try being a little more responsible next time.”

    “uh....right,”Cecil replied as nurse waved to him as he walked out the door.

    Both Cecil and Haunter dashed across the island, hoping to arrive to the dinner party on time. The sky was a pretty pinkish orange while the sun was almost completely set in the sky. They were still running until they saw the academy's cafeteria.They stopped running to catch their breath and relax when they get inside. “ Just....keep...walking,”said Cecil out of breath.

    As they got inside the building, he saw lots of tables set up for the loads 9f people he saw there to eat and chat as well. “I think we'll just sit at a table by ourselves,”said Cecil. He walked over to get some food for him and Haunter as well and sat down at one of the tables.
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