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@Razor: BL1 has some charm of its own too, hmm! In BL1, you can have a backpack of like up to 60+! That is, if you read guides and plan to pick up the backpack upgrades in certain areas/missions in advance. I found my legendary rocket launcher in a dark place... The wiki says a rare mini-boss named King Mong (huge bullymong) in Eridium Blight has a slight chance of dropping Badaboom. That makes sense. Eridium Blight is dark and scary. :(

Anyway, I found a new legendary weapon today omg! Thanks for Ozzy + his farming method in helping me get this gun. I got a Scalable Conference Call, level 30. :3 It has increased magazine and it's slagged. I can't believe I got a CC. I'm excited, although I don't particularly ever use slag. I would much prefer new/strong corrosive weapons for those pesky robots...
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