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Originally Posted by digi-kun View Post
I generally play Mill in Limited formats, usually booster drafts. I used to have a modern mill deck back when it was standard, but it shifted out and I haven't touched it since. I used to play casual every day, but it ended up kinda fading out. Did limited for the longest time til I ran out of money to casually spend on Magic, so I'm currently on break. The new Ravniva block looks really nice and i want to collect it just for the artwork, but it's all on dual-lands which cost so much ;_;

Overall, it's a pretty well-made game, though recently they've been on a bit of a power creep. It's really nice that they've gone back into a simple theme in Ravnica with the two-color clans.
I don't like Mill decks, they mill all my damage cards.

Hmm, I haven't been keeping up with MTG lately so I've no idea what the new set looks like

Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
Vintage RDW?! Patrick Sullivan suggests maindeck Searing Blaze.

I am an avid reader of various strategy articles, though I'm too poor to actually play anything other than EDH and my cube ... oh well. I also play limited from time to time.
I actually have 3 Searing Blaze in my deck so I'm covered there.

Random question time:
Who's Patrick Sulliven? What's cube? Is that a deck type? How are tournaments?

Also, it's a shame this part of the forums get so little traffic.
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