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Gwen Deallus.

Location: Academy cafeteria.

"Sorry to bother you, but is this seat taken?"

The words shook Gwen out of her private thoughts and she looked up to see a dark haired boy standing opposite her. She stared at him for a moment in silence before she realized that he had asked her something.
Gwen typical of her, had not been paying attention and completely missed what he had said. He stood there, gesturing at the chair, and looking at her inquisitively.

She took a gamble and guessed that he was asking if the chair was reserved for someone.

"Uh.. feel free" she said finally.

A moments pause and then she added;

"I'm Gwen, new here... you?"

"Hardly the most eloquent sentence you have ever produced Gwen..." she thought to herself,

"still... it was by no means the worst thing I've ever said whilst flustered. I mean, there was that time I accidentally called that middle aged lady a young boy... Oh and that whole fiasco with that policewoman who thought I was making fun of her... sheesh, I really do get myself into trouble someti-"

She realized that she had retreated into private thoughts again, and abruptly stopped them, focusing instead on the boy in front of her, should he say anything more.

She adjusted her glasses again and ruffled her hair, always a tell-tale sign that she was flustered. Gwen then realized that she had squinted tightly and pulled a goofy face whilst doing so, and mentally scolded herself.
She looked at the boy in front of her and smiled; hoping that she hadn't just scared off the first person to initiate conversation with her since she had arrived at the academy.
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