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I looked around the nearly empty forest and heard my stomach growl loudly and I giggled. Pikachu giggled lightly and slightly shocked me and then thought about the Haunter. Lulu and Oshawott were conversing among themselves. Suddenly a Spearow started pecking Lulu. Oshawotts eyes widened and let loose a torrent of water from its mouth and hit the Spearow dead on and knocked it backwards. Lulu looked at Oshawott and her eyes slightly glistened. Waldo saw the Spearow charge towards Lulu again and it grabbed the Schalop from it's chest and slashed the Spearow and it fainted after that. All of a sudden Waldo started glowing and started to grow. Suddenly it turned into a completely different Pokemon it had evolved into a Dewott.

"Woah Waldo you evolved. That's awesome. Let's go to the cafeteria and eat?" I asked and all of my Pokemon jumped out of glee and we started walking to the Cafeteria. After about 15 minutes we arrived at the cafeteria and walked in and Pikachu saw Haunter. Pikachu ran towards haunter and Cecil and I followed behind Sparks.

"Hey Cecil funny running into you here"
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