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    Emily & Lucy - Near Eterna City Ruins

    "For the love of Arceus, can you release Lucy so she can calm that kid down?!" Bay yelled, clearly emphasizing his referral to Amy. Emily sat down where she stood and almost started to cry; she didn't know why she was getting scolded. Usually it'd be about her Pokémon spirit, but this was about her. Apologize before she starts bawling, Bay!

    Yeah, she had another person in her stomach, but Emily had no clue what was going on. She had no idea how to get Lucy out, either. Hopefully Lucy knew the answer to their dilemma.

    As if answering Emily's prayers, she might hear a voice over her anxiety that asked her a very simple, "...Hey, can you /copy/ powers?" ...Being stuck in a belly gave Lucy plenty of time to think, and she might as well ask right? She wasn't getting anything /else/ done in here. No bathroom, either.

    With most everyone else unable to hear Lucy, Emily started talking to herself again, at least after a bit of sniffling. "Yeah."

    "Copy my abilities... and get me /out/ of here!" Lucy called out in an ever so slightly anxious tone. Not everyone had the ability to control what they did or did not digest.

    "What kind of abilities do you have?" Emily was completely clueless. Even though she was very possibly about to dissolve Lucy and—no. Bad. Don't do that. Think about the children/Amy!

    "A giant freaking /mouth/ on my stomach—Please!" Lucy pleaded, not completely keen on discussing the matter.

    "That sounds gross." Can it be a cannon instead? "Which mouth do you eat with?" Nonetheless, Emily imagined a large mouth like Lucy's opening up on her midriff, and Copycat did its work. Without warning, Lucy pulled herself clear of the mouth's lips and promptly fell directly onto her face as she struggled her way free. Despite this, she made out with the ground she missed ever so much emitted a sigh of relief, though the light hurt her eyes. Something seemed off about her, however. When she stood, her body seemed to briefly radiate an after-image as if from some cheesy motion blur effect. She seemed to be in some sort of pain as she clutched her forehead, though this may have just been the sun bearing down on her poor eyes. It took her quite a few moments to calm down however.

    "Geez..." Lucy mumbled, silently noting that this was what everyone she'd ever eaten had felt. And then Lucy became a vegetarian, and everyone lived happily until they died. Lucy earnestly just... did not care despite this.

    Lucy soon noticed that her hearing had become exceptional, even though she wasn't currently fused with her Audino. Her gut-mouth was still there, so she definitely wasn't fused with Audino. Her powers felt different, too. Let's test it!

    Hidden Power was probably the easiest to tell if anything was wrong with her, so she tried to use it; an attempt to conjure up all the Hidden Power orbs she could muster... and yet... nothing like that happened. Instead, her hands were covered in electricity! This was /not/ Hidden Power! This was ThunderPunch! She shouldn't have this. Why did she have this? Her Gulpin never had access to this before.

    "...I feel weird." Lucy pointed out in a tone that lacked passion. She met Amethyst's eyes briefly and explored her power, tapping into all her moves, only to find that they had shifted places in her memory during her incarceration! Hidden Power was ThunderPunch—Had she ever known ThunderPunch before? She didn't think so. Ice Punch was Amnesia. Amnesia was Dynamic Punch. After exploring her moves for a bit mentally she found she still had them all, and then some. Wait, where did Shadow Ball come from? Well, as long as she can use it. Lucy's hand crackled with a strange power for a moment and she almost appeared to be squeezing an invisible stress ball. Afterwards, she seemed to relax and turned to face Emily. "Hi," she stated, only mildly awkward. Her tone suggested she would appreciate an explanation.

    Finally getting to meet Lucy, Emily quickly disregarded the existence of everyone around them... and... introduced herself. We're skipping this to save time.

    "I'm so sorry for all the trouble I caused — you know, with the popping up in your stomach and ending up with you in my stomach. My Teleport likes to really screw up. I was coming back from... um..." Hesitating, Emily remembered to sound a word out if she couldn't remember how to say it. "U-no-va."

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