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    Hey there, everyone! It's been a while!

    I would like to apologize for not updating in a long time. Development has been tough here, but it's been going.

    Now, I'm posting this so as to give you the most important updates so far. I'll start with the most influential ones.

    I know that, right now, there are still Fakemon in the first page. I will 'remove' them (which is to say I'll hide them somewhere...) once Version 1.6 (which is in the works with an uncertain time of release) has been released.

    The bottom line is that we decided to remove Fakemon altogether. The next demos of Pokémon Nightmare will no longer feature Fakemon.
    If you're a developer or have been following Essentials' course of development, you'll know that the most recent versions of the engine require deleting your saved data. Nightmare will be upgrading to one such version, and we will be taking the chance to implement the aforementioned change in Fakemon, as well as add a new way to 'select' your starter and just modify the game for the better in many aspects.
    If you want to know more about these two points, you can also check our recent podcast on Youtube or here:

    That's all for now everyone, thanks for listening, and we hope you continue to follow our updates.