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    Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
    But then again, having a good IV in an offensive stat you intend to use is also important, as Toxic may not be enough to take down opponents, and base stats aren't enough alone, since there are times when the low IV will hinder your damage output.

    Togepi and Eevee can't breed together as they belong to different egg groups. You can have a male Smeargle Sketch Wish and breed it with Eevee.
    Hm, yes I see what you mean. Well I finally bred one and got an Eevee with WISH (I used skitty) and got these IV's
    31/9/26/23-28/28/24 (Some of those might be wrong but they're around there).

    Personally I think this is very good and I am not changing it. But please do provide feedback. Also, wish can be relearned by a move tutor if I delete it, correct?

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