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"Grew up here?" Makoto pondered, "No my parents and I drifted around. I think I was always hungry." He remembered the days where there was no food, well when he couldn't get it himself. "I think they are dead now, they got killed by some people-eaters. I got away though, and went up to the thing which gave me fire. It gave me power." His started shivering, "So much power! I was able to kill more people-eaters than I ever could. I think I fed off them." His eyes grew wide with insanity, "I was much less hungry then! So much food when it's all over the place..." He snapped back to normal, "But I stopped because a voice in my head said to, said I was hurting people and I wasn't allowed to kill anymore." He stroked his tail, "It was a beautiful voice, but it doesn't talk anymore, I think she hates me..." He felt heavy, reminded him of his last moments with his parents. "At least Spark talks to me, and she always talked to me, but now she's gone... She's gone for now."

Spark saw the buildings on the horizon, she could feel the fatigue setting in, "I'm landing soon. So tired..." She had miscalculated the time of which she could fly. She plummeted from the sky landing in a nearby forest high in a tree. "Well this is a good place to sleep." She said tiredly.
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