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    Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
    I think he's saying that the characters from the real world should act like they're from the real world. Like they shouldn't be used to being in the Pokemon world. You'd have to have a plot reason as to why these characters are brought in from the real world instead of being, for example, really sheltered native citizens of the Pokemon world from a canon region.
    Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
    That, and the fact they are from the real world shouldn't be a theme that's forgotten later in the story and just used as a beginning. Do they have any inclination to try to get back? What if some do and some don't? How do other pople act towards them acting potentially out of place? And so forth.

    Didn't mean for everyone to be from the real world, haha. That wouldn't really fit what you are going for... although then again it's not something that doesn't have its own potential in a story, hmm.
    That makes a lot more sense. I kinda figured that them acting out of place would be a constantly recurring theme from the start. I didn't, however, think much about motivation to get back, homesickness, etc. but it's definitely something that will be on my mind more now.
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