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"Hey buster. Hold up a second. I'm assuming those were your pokemon." The other boy said as he stopped Haru. He had held out his hand in greeting. "Who are you?"

Being forced to stop, Haru flinched as his sudden stop allowed the pain to catch up up with him. He'd be angry, but he was too concerned with his three pokemon to care about his stop. There was no telling what kind of trouble they could get themselves into; after all he had imparted some of his prankster knowledge onto them. He was sure that they wouldn't act up on the first day, but there was room for error.

Attention returning to the other boy, Haru hastily shook his hand and tried to continue on his way. "Haru. Haru Windsong," Haru stated, though being blunt, "I'd love to stay and chat but I have to make sure those three don't cause trouble.

Pokemon Trio: Thanksgiving Teamwork!!

Luna, Kaiser and Icarus carefully looked from around the corner to spy on the mess hall. Surveying the room, they located several places where people had yet to settle down and eat. One particular meal, waiting on top of an empty table, was particularly close. Nodding to themselves, the three pokemon charged in and broke ranks within the hall.

Luna dashed for the table and hopped up onto the table. Channeling energy, crackling psychic hands appeared and grabbed hold of the poultry. With one tug she ripped off a leg and brought it to her real hand to hold. Looking down at the sides, she grabbed a couple ears of corn and a "handful" of biscuits.

Icarus flew to a nearby punch bowl full of cider. Lifting the ladle he carefully poured the drink into a cup. Setting the ladle back, he carefully picked the drink up with his beak and made his way to the table.

Kaiser ran to the plates and managed to find a free one that was not stacked. Biting it, he carried it to the table and signaled Luna that he was on the ground. Smirking, Luna extended her Psyshock hands to the plate and placed the food onto it. Jumping down from the table, she grabbed the plate from Kaiser and placed the leg on top. By that time Icarus also returned successful and handed the cup of cider off to Luna. Regrouped and ignorant of their surroundings, the three pokemon once again charged and headed back to Haru.
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