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    I don't want to parrot but I already know it's been stated.
    I just hope my evidence to the idea hasn't been already.

    Personally I believe at least one new Eeveelution is going to arise. It's been evidenced by the anime to me.

    Virgil owns every Eeveelution, including an unevolved Eevee. If you think about it, it sort of leaves an opening for a new evolution. Virgil might return in Gen 6 with his Eevee evolved, similar to how May and Sakura came back with 'new' (at the time) evolutions of their Eevee ; into Glaceon and Espeon respectively. It seems to be a pattern for the anime.

    The Eevee arc and strange amount of attention on Eevee and it's evolutions seems rather... suspicious. ;3 We'll see, I guess!
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