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    Originally Posted by pikakitten View Post
    ok sorry for making all of you wait, I've been all over PC trying to up my post count xD and other stuff I'll try to get them done tonight and also yeah it is a lot but they fit the requirements since there's no more than 3 of the same type, were there to be 1 more Trainer/Fakemon request and I'd have to cancel it. Also, I'm going to count Buzz and Woody as trainers since they have a humanoid shape and Slinky as a pokemon, because of it's animal appearance with unatural abilities xD however yeah, it is more than 2 requests, I counted and it's 6, anyways see you when I get done! xD
    im sorry i actually ment it was two posts that were put together

    it was one of my first time ever requesting stuff and i didnt know that my two posts would get put together, i am prepared to wait as long as it takes though