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Here's Update Two! My previous update is in the spoilers.

- Chose Bulbasaur as my starter
- Delivered Oak's parcel
- Went through Viridian Forest to Pewter City
- Defeated Brock
- Caught Geodude in Mt. Moon
- Trained Geodude while searching for NidoranM
- Caught NidoranM
- Went through Mt. Moon
- NidoranM evolved into Nidorino
- Caught Sandshrew
- Arrived in Cerulean City
- Defeated my rival
- Evolved Nidorino on Route 24
- Evolved Sandshrew on Route 25
- Saved Bill and got the S.S. Ticket
- Defeated Misty

Geodude / lv23 / Tackle, Magnitude, Mud Sport, Rock Throw
Nidoking / lv24 / Horn Attack, Peck, Thrash, Double Kick
Sandslash / lv23 / Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand-Attack, Poison Sting

- Chose Chikorita as my starter
- Did the Mr. Pokemon quest
- Caught Geodude
- Traveled to Violet City
- Went through Sprout Tower
- Defeated Falkner
- Got HM06 Rock Smash
- Caught Wooper
- Caught Onix
- Traveled through Union Cave to Azalea Town
- Defeated Team Rocket at the Slowpoke Well
- Defeated Bugsy

- Defeated my rival
- Traversed through Ilex Forest
- Evolved Wooper
- Arrived in Goldenrod City
- Went north to Route 35 and caught NidoranM
- Evolved NidoranM
- Defeated Whitney
- Traveled to Ecruteak City
- Got HM03 Surf
- Defeated my rival
- Caught a Magnemite holding a Metal Coat and evolved Onix
- Evolved Geodude twice
- Defeated Morty

Golem / lv25 / Headbutt, Rock Throw, Magnitude, Rock Blast
Quagsire / lv26 / Surf, Headbutt, Mud Bomb, Mud Shot
Steelix / lv25 / Headbutt, Rock Tomb, Slam, Rock Throw
Nidorino / lv23 / Poison Sting, Peck, Horn Attack, Double Kick

- Chose Mudkip as my starter
- Defeated May
- Traveled to Petalburg City
- Traveled through Petalburg Woods to Rustboro City
- Got HM01 Cut
- Defeated Roxanne
- Mudkip evolved into Marshtomp

- Saved Peeko and sailed to Dewford Town
- Defeated Brawly

Marshtomp / lv20 / Tackle, Mud Shot, Mud-Slap, Water Gun

- Chose Turtwig as my starter
- Defeated Barry
- Traveled to Jubilife City and got the Poketch
- Defeated Barry
- Traveled to Orburgh City
- Got HM06 Rock Smash
- Defeated Roark

- Turtwig evolved
- Traveled to Floaroma Town
- Defeated Team Galactic at the Valley Windworks
- Traveled through Eterna Forest and arrived in Eterna
- Got HM01 Cut
- Defeated Gardenia

Grotle / lv28 / Tackle, Bite, Mega Drain, Razor Leaf

- Chose Snivy as my starter
- Defeated Bianca and Cheren
- Traveled to Accumula Town
- Defeated N
- Defeated Biance
- Traveled to Straiton City
- Went to the Dreamyard to get Panpour so I wouldn't have to waste my time grinding for Chili
- Defeated Cheren
- Defeated Chili

- Got HM01 Cut
- Defeated Plasma at the Dreamyard and Wellspring Cave
- Caught Drilbur
- Traveled to Nacrene City
- Went to the Pinwheel Forest Entrance and caught Tympole
- Defeated N
- Defeated Lenora

Drilbur / lv22 / Metal Claw, Dig, Hone Claws, Fury Swipes
Tympole / lv22 / Supersonic, Round, BubbleBeam, Mud Shot

Pokemon LeafGreen Version
Pokemon HeartGold Version
Pokemon Ruby Version
Pokemon Platinum Version
Pokemon Black Version

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