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    Cecil wasn't very hungry. He poked at his cranberry sauce, making it jiggle with every touch of his fork. Suddenly, he looked toward the entrance of the cafeteria at a trainer. He looked familiar, but what really drove his attention to him was his Oshawott. It was glowing! was evolving! His pokemon white glow stopped, revealing a newer, taller creature. It appeared to be a Dewott! Cecil quickly looked away trying not to draw any attention between him and the familiar trainer. Cecil looked over at Haunter, who was wolfing down his food and asked the ghost pokemon, “er...who is he again? Wasn't he that guy that showed me to the dorms?” Haunter just shrugged and began to eat like a pig once again,“ugh, your hopeless,” said Cecil as he face palmed himself.“Oh,” Cecil suddenly remembered,“Rafael! Yeah that was his na-” Cecil cut himself off when he noticed he shouted that out loud. So much for not drawing attention. Cecil began to look down at his food with his cheecks burning red with embarrassment. He slowly began to reconsider eating that cranberry sauce.
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