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    Doing a happy dance! Happy Dance! Happy Dance!!!!!!!!

    I just did my first Gen III Abuse! *Happy Dance Continues*

    It's not the most impressive spread, but that's partially because I wanted something under one minute so that it would be much quicker to learn this. I decided I would simply look for a Ditto with a perfect speed. I only had one sychronizer in all my PC Boxes so I was stuck with one Niave as a choice to use... but after all this was practice. So Synchronizer in the lead, sweat scenter at my ready... and Eon timer. First two tries, I got the right spread, right nature, but wrong encounter slot(Wishmur both times). Third try I land the one I was aiming for! Felt so awsome! I don't think anything has been more enjoyable to RNG since my first RNG project ever!

    That said... I'm now looking for shiny spreads(I dont need perfect ones... especially not yet while I'm just barely starting to dable in Gen III abuses). Each time I try to search RNG reporter thinks a while then freezes up and crashes. WHat could I be doing wrong? Do I need to know what nature my synchronizer will be before I search? I think I'm going to need to just breed Abra all day to find ones with different natures and the synchronize ability.... and right now I'm only working on capture projects in Gen III.... I'm not ready to jump head first into breeding yet. (If I even jump into it at all).
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