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    Pokemon Yellow Update #4
    -head back to saffron city,climbing silph co and defeat my rival, jesse and james, and giovanni.
    -defeat sabrina.
    -defeat koga.
    -got false teeth and HM04 from safari zone.

    note:no video for rival battle
    Pokemon Heartgold Update #1

    -named myself shaggy.
    -got bag fom mom.
    -pick cyndaquil as my starter.
    -got pokegear from mom.
    -head to cherrygrove city.
    -gain a two levels for cyndaquil.
    -got running shoes and map card from old man.
    -got odd egg from mr.pokemon and pokedex from prof.oak
    -battle the mysterious boy and won.
    -name the mysterious boy silver.
    -suffer thru lyra pokemon capturing 5 pokeballs.
    -avoid some trainers on route 30/31.caught a bellsprout on route 31 [hm slave].
    -got vs.recorder from lyra.
    -capture a mareep on route 32,name it woolly.
    -level up mareep to 10 on route 31.climb the sprout tower,defeat the sage and got tm70.
    -defeat falkner lackeys and let woolly evolved into flaaffy.
    -defeat falkner.