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    Originally Posted by C Payne View Post
    Where does it say that the Steel type was found in Hoenn though?

    It does make sense.

    If they happened at the same time that means that Hoenn pokemon would've had to been known at the time of Gen I(with Brawly and Bruno confirmed to have known each other a while, surely they would have told of fun times in their respective regions?; though it still doesn't mean the two gen's main events necessarily happen together). How would a whole region of pokemon go undiscovered when Hoenn is pretty decently populated all over?
    They don't ever say Steel was discovered it Hoenn, read my first post closely, I'm saying it was more of my "headcanon" reason that just seemed logical, considering its established that the games have a simultaneous timelines with Gen. II and Gen. IV. and not chronological ones.

    Also, Prof. Oak himself visits the Johto region on a regular basis, he even has a talkshow there but all these Pokemon right next to Kanto go undiscovered for a definite three years. Also, Unova is populous too but hardly any Pokemon from previous regions appear there because its father away. Which explains what I said about Hoenn.

    BACK ON TOPIC; the Pokemon games have always been based around technology since the very beginning, it seems that they're actually ahead of the real world when it comes to science but not when it comes to practical things. So if XY had a huge timeskip, but introduced many familiar elements of our world into the Pokeworld that would be pretty neat too. Maybe we could actually have a plane ride event or such, since things like that -do- exist.

    Also, if XY was super far "in the future" there might be some family links with the BW protagonist... That would be interesting, no doubt. I don't think it will happen, but someone could always pull a Skyward Sword and say that Pokemon XY happened in some far off region before any other Pokemon game known to date. Unlikely, but that's always a possibility, considering how little we know at the moment.

    Oh, SO, how neat would it be for future technology to include a city in XY with moving sidewalks? Like in the Destiny Deoxys movie.
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