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    Well, I hope, I won't sound rude or anything after writing this>>

    You see, I think, it's nice that you kind of "figured it out" and got to know that you were actually wrong the first time around. But... does labeling really matter that much? Of course, it's good to know who you are etc. but when it comes to sexual orientations, I sometimes get the feeling that people limit themselves too much. Does it matter if somebody is hetero-, bi-, homo- or asexual?

    I think it's best to tell yourself: "Well, right now, I seem more like this, but if I come to like something else, it will be fine, too."

    I don't know why I'm even typing this. Maybe because so many people are going on and on about what orientation suits them best. When I read your post, the same thought ocurred to me... Sure, you can call yourself whatever you want to, but isn't it easier to just "let it be how it is" and not keep thinking too much about orientations?

    I hope, this didn't sound too harsh...
    ... I guess I'm having a hard time understanding what lead you to reply to me at all in that manner. XD; I guess I'm not finding a point to be honest?

    I'm not going on about what orientation 'suits me best'. I'm posting an update to our group on my epiphany in regards to learning about myself. Putting a label on my sexuality is the same thing as putting a label on gender or labeling a disorder... it's the same thing. Giving a 'label' to things is a way to help others understand without having to explain it (most of the time). When you give a single word to describe a ton of things, it can be understood faster and better by the general population.

    I get the whole 'we're people not produce, no need for labels blah' type of thing, but really... labels are not just for you. They are also there to help everyone else understand you. And my whole idea of using the word demisexual to describe how I approach love and attraction helps others to understand me better when it comes to that. I feel like if you want others to understand you, you gotta use labels. XD;

    tl;dr :
    People simply need an identity. Labels are a method of putting that identity into words without dragging it out.
    What Torn said.

    ... So I guess I'm missing the point of that reply afterall... ;w; Ah well.~