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Originally Posted by Michimo View Post
I think when it comes to RSE on the timeline it comes down to plain ol' Pokemon logic... And we all know how that works.
True dat, if we're on the same page, haha.

Originally Posted by Michimo View Post
With what has been seen about the overworld for Gen. VI, they do have the player swinging from vines and this lush looking deep green forest area, seems pretty environmentally healthy so that could be a sign it takes place later in history on the timeline instead of in the future because if we give Unova the title of "most modern" the areas shown to us in XY seem a lot different from our fancy towns and bridges.
I thought the rope area could've been a grass gym because of the obstacles and such(if you look closely, when the protagonist is swinging on one of the ropes, another right behind it looks like it could lead down to that lower floor maybe?), although of course could be mistaken at this point. It just looks like it's indoors to me.
Don't you think Hoenn deserves to be at least this beautiful?

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