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Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
At the end of the day, I think that's all we can really hope for.

An idea I've come to take a liking to would be a sibling rivalry. I feel like we've played the childhood friend rival antic for so long now, that I wouldn't mind trying something new, and a sibling rivalry could be just that. I can already picture the constant teases, the sibling squabbles coming from our older sister or brother. Then there's a certain taste of sweet satisfaction that comes from beating your older sibling every time. Oh joy! However, since in my head I picture the sibling to be older, then a childhood rival who's starting their journey at the same time as the player could probably still be used in this situation.
I've been wanting a sibling rivalry for a couple generations now! It would allow the adventure to be that much more personal/emotional in the long run and of course, due to most siblings being 'at each other' naturally, it would still be satisfying to kick their ass at times(especially if they are older and think they know everything because of that, like you've mentioned).

You could also have that childhood friend/rival who you have/both have known for a while; I wouldn't mind as much if they were just as competitive or the nice one, but your sibling definitely has to be the one you want to show up/outdo more.
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