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Hello, PC.

I joined in '04. I had a beautiful time here, and I still talk to some of the friends I met back then. I was a staff member for a while, then college took me away.

I was a diehard Pokémon fan up to the days of Gold and Silver. I joined when I had not a great interest in it, but I stayed because of the incredible friendships I made, until everyone I loved started fleeing. Back in '09, they took my position as an AA due to inactivity—I was actually coping with a drug-addict roomate in my first semester at college, back then! PC was no longer a priority. But I can never forget some of the old names. Andy, Jake, Erica, Audy, for instance. We never talked too much. Morkula, if you're still around, Geoff, I still love and remember you lots, man. Then there was Dakota, Kylie, Chairman Kaga, Sillent Tattsu (nobody ever heard of her again, and I still miss her terribly) Going way back, legendary_pokégirl, oni_flygon, Castrainer, girlgenius... I still daily see their Facebook updates, and can't believe we met such a long time ago, when they were all some of the finest member PC has ever had. But I'm babbling too much—And I cannot name all the people.

In four years, I've become a guitarist, cinematographer, and magazine writer. I've lived in Japan for 7 months. Now I'm finishing my last six months at university and then I will head to Mexico City to work for a friend's animation studio, start my own audio—visual studio and make a name for myself as a session guitarist and musician.

If there's anybody who still remembers the young Mexican boy who joined—asking with horrible English, for a date on the next Pokémon movie, and left as the veteran writer with the weird name (I actually learned English at PC! I couldn't have attended an American university had I not joined.) and still think of him as a friend, please respond and know that I am mainly here as a visitor, to rekindle those moth—eaten friendships, still talk to the people that made my life much brighter, day after day, all those years ago.
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