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Well, i'm back and my mind's still wandering.

A couple of ideas are really set solid now, but alas indecision cripples me still...

The first is called "Of the Dead".
It's a darker pokemon story with a little mix of reality, played on Yamask's pokedex entry. The human protagonist is a boy of about 18 who is assigned as "Death" by Arceus or giratina (i'm not sure just how much of a "demon" figure giratina is). He was once regarded as the most promising young trainer of the generation due to his skill - and he raised his pokemon without going on a journey. But when Team (undecided) attacked him and came after his prize pokemon after he had been interviewed on a news program, his pokemon sacrificed themselves to try to save their trainer. Rather than seeing this as an act of faith and loyalty, the boy though the was a horrible trainer for letting his pokemon die (yes, die - not faint) and refused to keep another pokemon ever again.

The secondary protagonist is an immortal hybrid lucario with a difference. As opposed to the usual and cliche "human with lucario's powers" he's a "lucario with no powers", fighting using a sword. He was respected due to his hardcore training and his perseverance even though he was weak - but shunned because he was slowly growing more human like. In a rivalry battle over a potential mate, he was killed by his opponent. But in death and as he approached Arceus, Arceus told him he was neither a pokemon or a human, and had no place to put him without causing damage in the afterlife's delicate hierachy. Thus - Arceus sent him back to the land of the living, essentially ignoring the fact that he died and pretending it had never happened. Since then he's been immortal - but he's still powerless. When he was revived, his clan thought he was cursed and he was exiled.

The human becomes the reaper in exchange for one of his dead pokemon to be returned to him - but in a cruel twist of fate, he is given a mask. It's much like a mask of a Yamask - but it is shaped like an absol's face. When he puts it on, it merges with him and his own personality is merged with his dead-absol - thus he has the memories of both, as well as his absol's dark powers and a big scythe. He is slapped together with the lucario at Arceus'/giratina's request - the lucario being drawn in by the promise of power as a reward and the human being bound by his soul to do as Arceus/giratina bids. Their quest is essentially to hunt down Yamask which have broken out of their ruin prison and possessed people. The yamask have possessed people and turned them into ghostly demon-like monsters, and the human and Lucario have to stop them. The Yamask may even be not human souls, but pokemon souls who have broken free of death and manifested themselves within Yamask. Thus when a human is possessed, they become a hybrid of whatever pokemon that yamask used to be

Pokemon actually "die" in this story. It works on a principle that all pokemon have natural armour - much like "shields" in a sci-fi film or video game - which is an inner energy which coats the body. The same energy that lets pokemon harness super-strength and generate special attacks. A pokemon's natural armour absorbs serious damage from attacks. When the pokemon "faints" its natural armour falls, and it becomes as frail as a human - allowing it to be killed by anything as simple as a knife. Normally when a pokemon faints it is returned to keep it safe, but if it isn't returned then it can be killed permanently and cannot be brought back.

The second is called "Stasis".
It follows the story of a boy who's a genius. He once fell into a coma after an accident, but was conscious the whole while and spent two entire years simply thinking about how the world worked. Through his intelligence and the time he spent, he gained a comprehensive understanding of how time and space works - thus allowing him to manipulate it to an extent.

He was then approached by a man who paid him to reconfigure a master ball, claiming his brother was dying and he needed a ball that could capture a human - thus keeping his brother intact until a cure could be found for him. Immediately after the boy fixed the ball - the man captured him.

The story begins 2500 years in the future, when the ball is finally opened again. Humans have become extinct all but for him. After his dissapearance, a breakthrough in genetic science meant people and pokemon began interbreeding - resulting in fertile offspring and thus interweaving pokemon and human over the course of a few hundred years. 2500 years later, there are no pure humans left, and all pokemon are anthropomorphic (humanoid).

The jist of things is - the human is being hunted by an "imperial" type force led by a dictator, and so flees to a rebel army to remain safe. Since he's stuck, he's forced to work with the rebels in their fight against the imperials. But what he doesn't realise, is that the "evil dictator" is actually a clone of himself - formed from a freak accident after he was captured - who has used his power to stop his process of aging. The evil him is the bastion of all that is logic, and it is after the boy's pokeball so he can use it to clone himself. The boy from the past stands for logic also, but as he progresses on his adventure he learns the value of ethics and morality - even when they aren't logical solutions. So then there's a big rebel/imperial war scenario that he's caught up in. He's frail - being human - but he can manipulate time/space around inanimate objects which he uses offensively.

The "Stasis" title refers to the pokeball system. That a pokeball freezes the pokemon's body and mind inside it - so a pokemon could be returned and then released a million years later, but the pokemon would only feel like it has been an instant.

Also, abstract nouns are personified as auras and living forces. Luck, love, time, space - they're all cosmic entities which can be communicated with and controlled if a person knows how they work. Partway through the story - his intelligence and a chance occurence come together and he has a sudden realisation. He wakes up the next day with a complete understanding of luck and chance, and he can use it to his advantage - winning poker games, generating improbable circumstances that favour him - so forth.

Also, many pokemon tend to be "half this and half-that". Eg. A mightyena that's a child of a mightyena and houndoom may be able to use flamethrower and other fire attacks due to slight adjustments in its anatomy as a result of its parenting.

Trying to think of something that hasn't been done before. I'm quite big on the "pokemon with no power" idea.
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