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Olivia Wolf - Icy Plains
Olivia sat there and admired Cynthia's hair from a distance for a moment. ...What? It's totally not cheating, Nemo! I've gotta get my tips from /somewhere/!~ She was distracted however when Nemo said something hilariously provocative regarding Hei to none other than the blonde champion herself. Something about Hei wanting to—...

I-I'm sorry, /what/?

Needless to say, Olivia was impressed. That was one way to put it, anyway. Nemo had just called Hei out on emotions Olivia hadn't even been aware of! ...Because she totally believed she was the master of love and would definitely recognize anything ever before anyone else when it came to flirting. That was the thing though, it didn't seem like Hei /was/ flirting! Entertainment at Hei's expense aside, Olivia soon found that she was being scooped up into Nemo's arms and carried over the threshold—Or as she preferred to call it: "bridal style". Giggity! Not only that, but Nemo had perhaps quite seriously implied that she may very well be taking Olivia to a thanksgiving dinner! Aw'right~ Score! Her response was totally to cling to her knight in tragically unreflective armor. As the two made their way away, she couldn't help but think to herself that she could never freeze nestled in the arms of her one true love. Nausea enduing amounts of cheese aside, she had to ask. There was something that had been on her mind for some time now, and she had every intention of pursuing this answer to the ends of the earth itself.

"...Did you mean it about the tights?"

Olivia seemed slightly concerned, unsure why Nemo had suggested that. Did her bare thighs leave too much to the imagination? Was Nemo not digging the skirt? ...Did the skirt make her butt look big? Goodness if she knew! Someone get a mirror, quick! It's an emergency! For the moment being, Olivia did not acknowledge the elephant in the room, perfectly content to cuddle up to the other female for the moment being. But hey, Nemo had Olivia exactly where she wanted her—Alone. She could ask whatever she wanted with that nice thick backbone of hers.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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