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    I didn't like any of their starters. I remember when I got Sapphire as a child, it was when I first discovered I could just trash my starter Pokemon. I hated all of them. It was the first time I saw ugly starters, and I never again had high hopes for them- and I was never pleasantly surprised. The designs never got worse than Gen III, but they didn't get much better. Chimchar and Oshawott were fairly cute, but their final stages were nearly as ugly as the Hoenn starters'.

    Johto were my favorite. The only generation where I couldn't decide which one I liked best because I loved them all. I initially decided Cyndaquil to be my starter on my Crystal, but when I got Soulsilver where Ninetales was available I chose Totodile. Chikorita was a bad choice because of the first gym and the Sprout Tower.
    Anyhow, Cyndaquil is my favorite starter because Typhlosion is the only final starter stage I truly love.

    (My opinions are solely on the design. If we are talking stats, I think Unova was worst.)
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