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i also just finished silver! :D
>after the elite 4 went straight kanto
>went through all the gyms in kanto pretty rapidly, don't even remember the exact order I did them in
>all was going smoothly until I versed red, where I lost multiple times. so to prepare myself I
>went back to johto and delivered the spearow to the guy on route 31 to get nightmare for phantome
>used up all my enhancements on my gengars
>waited until night time to catch misdreavus, ended up using my masterball and forgot to give him a name :/
>leveled misdreavus upto level 46 to learn perish song
>versed red again with sweet success :D

final team
phantome lv.64
hypnosis/ dream eater/ shadow ball/ nightmare
big-don lv.64
ice punch/ fire punch/ destiny bond/ zap cannon
misdreavus lv.46
confuse ray/ perish song/ psybeam/ pain split

now off to hoenn!

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