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    I'm not really sure if I should be putting this here, or even if you could solve it, but I recently downloaded and applied an alternative MIDI wavetable and accompanying soundfonts. This change is reflected in Windows Media Player et. al, but has no effect when MIDIs are played in RMXP. With testing, I've found it does in fact affect programs other than media players, such as RM2k3 and the FFVII PC port, but RMXP chooses to ignore it. Any advice?

    Also, I've found that when one tries to advance the "such and such wants to battle" message at the beginning of a trainer battle before all of the Party Pokéball Indicators have appeared on screen, the game hangs and more often than not does not recover (in the case it does, it simply states the script is taking too long, saves, and restarts). I've solved this by changing Lines 1669/1670 of Pokebattle_ActualScene to advance the images by 32 pixels instead of 16 such that they complete travel before the text does. If anyone else has this problem, they should do the same.
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