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Rafael Kai
A slight giggle escaped my lips and everybody turned towards me and Cecil. I smiled and sat next to him and Pikachu released a small shock towards the Haunter playfully. Lulu was starting at Dewott and she had a weird smile on her face. Dewott was throwing his Schalop up and down catching it everytime it was in reach. I once again looked at Cecil then looked at the ground kinda sad that he forgot my name but at the same time happy he sorta remembered me. I finally looked at Cecil and decided to try and make a joke out of it.

"Yep that's my name.. Don't wear it out because when i'm out of this school you're going to see me on TV being called the number one trainer" I said and softly punched his arm. I hoped he wasn't one of those fragile people who get hurt by the slightest hit.

Zora Loa:
I looked around the weird beach and had my Mudkip on my arm. I had my Zorua on my shoulder and Snorunt is inside of his Pokeball. I heard my stomach growl and quickly walked towards the Cafeteria and smiled. I entered it just in time to see a trainers Oshawott evolve into a Dewott. Her eyes widened in awe but she couldn't help but laugh a little but when she heard a trainer with a Haunter blurt something weird out. I quickly went to get lunch for me and my Pokemon and sat down alone at a table. I let Snorunt out of it's pokeball.

"Alright guys you did great today. Let's eat" I said softly and sweetly and started eating. Zorua, Snorunt and Mudkip stated eating quickly and smiled. I chuckled lightly at my Pokemon and slowly ran my fingers through Zorua's fur.
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