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The Creative Media Showcase
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Rules | Comments & Reviews | Collaborations | Featured Work

Welcome to the Creative Media Showcase, the thread for showing off all your creative talents. Whether you're a budding Bruno Mars, an aspiring Adele or a wannabe Westlife, come here to post your recordings and receive some feedback in the process. Whatever your style, if you love singing or playing an instrument and want some comments on your work then here’s the place for you. Prefer the cinematic side of things? Feel free to post your film and animation work here too. The types of post to make here include:
  • Covers of songs
  • Songs you've written & recorded
  • Collaborations (work between one or more PC member - credit all members!)
  • Riffs/tunes needing critique
  • Electronic/synythesised compositions
  • Any home videos/animations
  • Reviews/comments of other people's work
  • Requests for collaborations - simply post the style & instruments you require
  • Tutorial/lesson videos for playing songs/instruments
And always ensure to follow the General Entertainment rules.

Comments & Reviews
Possibly the most important part of this thread is reviewing other people's work and providing comments of what they've done well and of how to improve. When posting your own work, try taking the time to review the person's above you too - whilst this is not mandatory, it is courteous. To give a helpful review, simply include what you liked about the work and what you think could be improved - it doesn't have to be long but every comment is appreciated.

This is a new feature of the Media Showcase. We encourage members to work together on their projects and possibly even start recording some pieces together, so if you're interested in working with other members to make music then this is the place for you. Simply post stating which instrument(s)/position(s) you play, the style of music you wish to produce and what kind of members you are seeking to produce it with and hopefully there'll be someone matching your style to join with. When replying to collaboration requests, reply via VM or PM, not in this thread as to avoid clutter, but be sure to post any work you produce here for everyone to hear!

Featured Work
Every so often when a particularly popular piece of work is submitted, it'll be added to this 'Featured Work' list for everyone to see. If you want to see a piece of work here then make sure to post a comment or two about it and it may well be added.


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