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Usually, when I heard K-Pop music, it is dominated by infamous Korean boy bands and girl groups like Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls. But when I hear this particular K-Pop song, it’s completely different! Everybody in whole entire world knows this song! The greatest song in 2012, the horse-riding with spinning lasso dance, is none other than the one and only, Gangnam Style! Being developed in 12 years before released on July in YouTube by Psy, this song is full of upbeat, and attracts everyone in the world and making the world celebrating it as one of Psy's greatest works! It even beats Justin Beiber’s “Baby”, and this song is the first online video to record a billion hits in YouTube at December 21st 2012! And this song has earned Guinness World Record for “most viewed YouTube video of all time” and recently have won 2013 Golden Disk Awards (the Korean's Grammy Awards) for “Digital Daesang” (Digital-Released Song of The Year)!!!

The first I want to cover is the music video. I like it because it is filled with scenes in various places of Korea and sometimes I find it funny because it shows some awkward moments like when Psy is saying “Oppan Gangnam Style” in swimming pool and almost sinks, and when explosions occurs before Psy is saying “Oppan Gangnam Style”. And the part where the mobs dancing Gangnam Style in disco-like area made me pumped up!

Next is about the song. “Gangnam Style” tells about a love for girlfriend through Oppa's perspective (older brothers in Korea like to be called Oppa by ladies). Although this song is technically a love song, this song breaks the limit of usual love songs with upbeat melodies, synthesized wave tones and faster tempo than any love song I’ve ever imagined, with addition of 'power down' sound effect before Psy says “Oppan Gangnam Style” to enter the Chorus part of the song! This makes everyone hearing this catchy song feeling energized that even the supermarket at my country plays it over and over again!

Gangnam Style is also known for its signature dance. The horse-riding and throwing lasso dance is so easy to learn, that even a child and gentleman could do it in a breeze, and it is fun to watch! This dance is developed by Psy himself for a month, and this style unexpectedly has become a dance fever that many countries have held Gangnam Style dancing flash mobs to celebrate big events like Holiday seasons and Christmas, and surprisingly become one of the wedding dances!

And the last point to be covered is the variations. One month after Gangnam Style is released, a variation by Psy and Hyuna (one of the woman in Gangnam Style music video) called “Oppa is Just My Style” is launched. This duet of Psy and Hyuna has done a good job, and their way of singing in this song makes this song have a more complete feel than the first Gangnam Style. In near the end of 2012, YouTube combined all concepts of various YouTube videos of 2012 to make a variant of Gangnam Style (with the addition of "Call Me Maybe") called “Rewind YouTube Style 2012”, and I like the twist in this video! And there are other variations which tend to parody this song just for fun.

Overall, this song is great, and is one of the greatest music ever in the world, which is great to be celebrated because Psy's effort of making this song the big hype and big success has been paid off, and it has worth it! Because of this song, Psy enters the fame he never experienced before! I hope Psy will make a revolutionary song like this again!

I'll give this song 9.5/10
for catchy music and its infamous dance.
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