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Kiki grinned happily. Dinner? Yes please! She was hungry!

"oh yeah! Let's go to dinner then! Ok, and we can allbattle later!" she said happily, grinning at the others. She gestured to the window were several students were heading to the cafeteria. She held Cynder tight.

"Race you there!" she said happily, dashing out of the room and giggling.


Drake thought a moment then nodded at Mana and Killik.

"Ok. You two meet me there. I have to pick something up." he said, urging Killita to fly. She flew high into the air and soared toward his Daycare Center. He circled around and landed, and Drake got off of her back and returned her. He walked into his room and pulled out his old clothing. He put it on. He was wearing a pair of black dress shoes and slacks. He was also wearing a hunter green shirt with a black dragon emblem on it. He had a black jacket on in addition. He looked at his old cape and put it on. It came to his ankles. It was reversible, black on the outside and hunter green on the inside. He smiled and crossed his arms.

"I see your old outfit still fits." a voice said from behind him. Drake turned and saw Lance standing in the doorway, looking regal as usual.

"Heh, yeah." Drake said, leaning on the wall. Lance walked in and set smething down on his desk. Drake had a good idea of what it was.

"Thanks for getting that Lance." Drake said with a smile. Lance nodded and grinned.

"Of course. It was no problem." Lance said. Drake picked it up and nodded at Lance. They both knew that some time soon they would have a battle, dragon master against dragon master, and neither of them would hold back. But not right now.

"Well, happy Thanksgiving Lance. I'll see you and Clair at the dinner, ok?" he said, picking it up and walking out the door. Lance nodded and followed him out thedoor.

"The same to you Drake. How is your pupil doing?" Lance said. Drake paled a bit and closed his eyes. He said nothing and climbed up on Killita's back again, and the flygon crooned softly at him.

"/That bad... Would you like-" Lance began, but he was cut off by Drake.

"No, I'll handle it..." he said, patting Killita. She soared up into the air.
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