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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Eric watched as Mark tried to keep control over Able, but the bug type didn't bother to listen. So... right there was where the disconnect happened, the snap that would make Able go off on her own, interesting. It didn't take much for her to decide that whatever she had planned was better, but he would see how long she would stay like that. Mark had said before that she would scream at him, he wanted to see how far he would have to take her before she would succumb to anger issues.

    "Adrian, maneuver one." Eric state calmly. The Ninjask obeyed as if let loose another Flash to blind Able as she was coming right at him and moved to the left a few inches to dodge the attack. If everything went according to plan Able would just keep flying right past him. Adrian at the moment just stared at the female, not letting his eyes off of her as he still refused to reply to her taunts.
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