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I solo'd with my Hasty little buddy, Apollo up until I got to the Valley Windworks and got Triton the Shellos. I must say I was hoping his ability would be Sticky Hold, but Storm Drain is OK I guess. Beat Gardenia and saved in the Galactic Building in Eterna City. I gotta say I'm enjoying this challenge. :D Oh, and I guessed what type of Hidden Power Triton has based off of deduction and using it on multiple types of Pokémon.

Player: Zach

The Dynamic Duo:

Apollo the Hasty, Male Monferno
Level 23, No Item
Ability: Blaze
- Flame Wheel
- Mach Punch
- Ember
- Taunt

Triton the Serious, Male West Sea Shellos
Level 21, No Item
Ability: Storm Drain
- Mud-Slap
- Mud Bomb
- Hidden Power (Rock)
- Water Pulse

HM Slaves: Slave 1 the Starly, Slave 2 the Bidoof (Cut and Rock Smash), Slave 3 the West Sea Shellos


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