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    Originally Posted by leachim_paloyz15 View Post
    Let's stop doing things that're unnecessary.

    As of now; 1/12/13, I'm dropping Project S permanently this time. It didn't meet the projected number of feedback and downloads.

    I'll be focusing on more important things from now on.
    I also would like to take this time to thank those who've supported or even just tried the game.

    That would be all.

    We all knew that this would happen.

    Even passion isn't enough to finish one project.

    To all the PokeCommunity members:
    I'm sorry if this hack wasn't good enough, I now realize what the other members were trying to point out.
    Somethings are just not worth doing.

    Thank you for all the compliments and comments.
    I'll try to pull off a better hack, if there's going to be a next time.

    For now, I'm but a spriter without a master.
    You're right about that, "Somethings are just not worth doing." which covers most of the other projects we've got here.

    Personally, I think this hack as always looked pretty good but I haven't tested it out though, no time actually playing other hacks. I'd say, this project is truly worthy of doing but the thing it is lacking currently is all the asm work making it different from normal pokemon games like it should be.

    The only problem here is that this community is too obsessed with regular pokemon games. If your hack stands out from the rest, it seems obviously bad if not being implemented extremely well (and this is where you need all those assembly hacks, to make it not look like a pokemon game). Characters can't be kept inside poke balls or similar types of objects and such. The player who would normally send out his/her first pokemon should actually be the "pokemon" of slot 1 and fight the enemy itself etc.

    If you want to drop the project, it might actually be a good idea for now as I believe you don't know enough about rom hacking to implement a real rom hack like this one, it would be too difficult for almost everybody else here too though.

    I don't know... go on or don't. It's your choice but this is actually one of the hacks I'd be interested in playing.

    One thing you may want to consider would be making this a rom hack of Gold/Silver instead. We have figured out so much about those games that the things required for solving many of these "mysteries" would be actually doable. In Pokemon Prism for instance, there are pokemon only sidequests where player's backsprite isn't shown at all.
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