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Hey hey Breyyne, welcome to PC! About time you made an introduction since you joined a few months ago. :3 Adore the avatar, it's super adorable, hehe. Has that innocent yet "better watch out for me" feel to it.

So you're somewhat new to Pokemon, I see? All sorts of fans, old and new alike, are more than welcome here. We have many people who have been into the series since Red and Blue were released and a lot of others who only started playing in the fourth or fifth generations. So of course you won't have any problems fitting in at all! Glad you've been enjoying posting around X and Y; I have too, though I admit I should probably post there a little more than I actually have been. D: Don't those games look amazing, though? Which starter will you be picking? I'm still shuffling between starters since they all look pretty cool this time around, but we also have almost a full year to decide. Time needs to move faster!

You can discuss a lot of other things outside X and Y here, older games and spinoffs included, so check those out if you're interested! The forum is really big meaning there are that many more discussions to partake in and people to meet. And if you want a friend, remember that I'm always here to chat anytime. <3; Making new users feel welcome is one of the many things that makes being here fun. Hope you've already given the rules a read and if you'd ever like someone to show you around the forum, stop by our awesome Adoption Center!

See you around! Have fun here on the forum~

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