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Originally Posted by Cutielaurenie View Post
I came up with an idea. Someone probably came up with this idea. Its basically a Weakness challange. So, say you chose Bulbasaur. You cannot catch any Pokemon unless Bulbasaur is weak to that Pokemon or its Evolutions. It would be interesting to see what you will catch. Also, when you catch a Pokemon you have to progress onto that Pokemons weakness. Also, you can't have 2 Pokemon of the same type... Heres an example team for the Weakness challange so you get the idea. Bulbasaur>Growlithe>Tentacool>Mr. Mime>Caterpie>Pidgey

If no-one has made a challange like this, I will make this challange because I like the idea of it. I'll also participate in it.
To answer an old question, there was a Gym Disadvantage challenge where you could only use Pokemon in each Gym that were weak to the Gym's "main" type, but nothing exactly like what you said.
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