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"Hello Accumula Town!" Grey yelled to the crowd in front of the Pokemon Center. "I am here represeting Team Plasma! I, for one, hate it when pokemon severly hurt each other! They are not willingly battling for you. It's your fight, not theirs. Settle it amongst yourselves, don't make your pokemon fight for you. I don't keep my pokemon in a pokeball, nor did I catch him. He joined me by his own free will. Who agrees with me when I say pokemon should do what they want!" Of course, nobody listened because he was merely 11 years old. In fact two anti-Plasma people caught him, and then kicked him out into Route 1. "Well, this is just great. I was just kicked out of a city, and what possibly might be my only way back." Grey says as he brushes himself off. What do I do now? Tell of Team Plasma at the small town of Numeva? No one will listen there... But, it's my only bet of getting promoted. He thought, continuing down the path. "Hey Harry? Do you think I'll ever get noticed by any other Team Plasma?" He says to Harry, who is on his shoulder at the time.
"Eevee!" Harry says, nodding.
"Good, at least someone beleives in me." Grey says. He then sees the four trainers, but ignores them, instead sneaking past, because he didn't want a repeat of the last town.
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