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    Played a bit more B2. I've somehow ended up with a (temporary) team of all neutral natures.

    My Snivy is Hardy. It was just what I ended up with, and I had planned on resetting if I wasn't satisfied, but I don't mind neutral for a starter, and it's female, which is always a good thing in a starter and it seems to have at least above average stats, so it's fine. Then the first thing that I ran into that I had any interest in catching was a Purrloin, and the first one I caught was Quirky. There's no reason to keep a neutral nature with a Purrloin - Adamant or maybe Jolly would be the way to go. But it's a Purrloin - it's not going to stay on my team all that long anyway, and honestly, "quirky" is fine as a description of a Purrloin, so I just went with it. Next I caught a Mareep, and it was Bashful. I immediately liked the idea of a "bashful" Mareep, and the more I thought about it, neutral would be okay. I had been hoping for Modest, but it does learn some interesting physical moves so... yeah, sure. Then next was a Riolu and.... it was Hardy. That was really the point at which I decided it was weird. Riolu learns mostly physical moves, so I was hoping for Adamant, but it does learn some nice special moves too, and "hardy" seems a good description for what I want a Lucario to be, and if nothing else, I can always come back and search out another one that's Adamant, if I decide that's what I really want, so... okay. So I've now got a current team of four, all of which have neutral natures.

    I'm probably going to catch an Azurill too, just because it's been so long since I've seen a water type that's not named Samurott or Swanna, and I haven't used one since the physical/special split and I'm looking forward to seeing what a Huge Power Azumarill Aqua Tail can do. I'm hoping for Adamant, just for that much more Atk, but at this point, I'm expecting something neutral, which I guess would actually be okay...