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    Professor Juniper looked at DeSean for a good thirty seconds before saying to him,

    “I'm sorry but all the Pokemon here have been taken.”

    DeSean was disappointed; no not just disappointed but depressed. His one shot at being a Pokemon Trainer was now gone all because he overslept. When Shawn was about to turn around and leave Professor Juniper said,

    “But I can lend you a Pokemon and you can catch a Pokemon yourself.”

    DeSean was so happy he didn't know what to say. Professor Juniper looked through an assortment of Poke Balls and picked one and told him,

    “Here, its a Lillipup. You can use it to catch any Pokemon you like. Oh and here is your Poke Ball.”

    With the Loaner Pokemon in hand he rushed out toward Route 1 looking around desperately for a Pokemon. He walked along a road surrounded on both sides by trees and bushes. DeSean was fully alert now any noise and he knew it was a Pokemon. DeSean heard a rustling in a patch of bushes that he wouldn't hear normally if he wasn't in his hyper senses state. Desean quietly went over to the patch of grass his Pokemon in his hand.

    DeSean whispered to his Lillipup , “OK if you see a Pokemon in there Tackle it out of those bushes and out here and I will give you further commands.”

    With that he flung the Poke Ball over the bushes and he heard the sound of the Lillipup coming out of his Poke Ball and into the fight. Out came two Pokemon from the bushes, Lillipup and a wild Patrat. Lillipup had the Patrat pinned on its back struggling to regain its upright position. Patrat gave Lillipup a good headbutt and sent him flying off it. Patrat got up and tried to make a run for it when Lillipup regained itself and smashed into the wild Pokemon's side. The Patrat tumbled to the ground unable to get up.

    Nows my chance. DeSean thought.

    He fumbled around in his pockets for his Poke Ball and threw it at the Patrat. The poor Pokemon was engulfed in a red energy beam and held captive in the Poke Ball for one beep, two beeps, three beeps, and done. The Poke Ball stopped shaking and the Patrat didn't come out. Finally he had done it he had caught his first Pokemon. He ran over to his newly caught Patrat picked him up and practically skipped back to Professor Junipers lab.
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