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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
How does one go upon…

Ah whatever. The real question.

How do you guys get over yourselves over embarrassing things? I need to at least feel good about things I've done wrong (like, I did something embarrassing a couple years ago) that I still need to get over. It doesn't feel healthy to me…
I have an issue like this, too. When I get embarrassed by something I just try not to think about it if that's possible. I try to come up with a rationalization that makes it okay for me to forget about it because it's okay to forget about things that don't matter anymore, like that quiz you took later month - it's over and there's no need to ever think of it again.

So like a few weeks ago I completely embarrassed myself in front of a bunch of people at work and it's still nipping at my mind. What I've tried to do is tell myself that 1) even though I messed up I'm still pretty darn good and don't embarrass myself most of the time, 2) if they've got a negative opinion of me, which I often fear they do, then they're just losers (basically, I shift the "blame" I'm putting on myself onto other people, making it their fault that I got embarrassed) or 3) I can be proud of something else entirely and focus on that.