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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
2) Not fond of the government having to respond to all petitions that meet the threshold, because... while I love Star Wars and found the response highly amusing, someone was just paid with tax dollars for being a Star Wars nerd basically.
Consider it a public relations expenditure. It's a small attempt to get people to remember that the government, through NASA and other organizations, is actually capable to doing things. That is happens to be nerdy is, I think, a bonus because it lets people connect and maybe that's all it would take to get someone thinking in a different direction.

It's also good because it shows that the White House will respond to us ordinary people. If we abuse that we certainly can't fault them for wasting money. The response didn't take that much time. Sure, someone had to write it out, but they probably didn't have to send a car or charter a plane, arrange a press conference and invite reporters, or all other number of things that would probably cost more money.
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