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    Today, advertisements are slapped on every webpage that exists. Whether it be forums, online retail, blogs, or e-mail, we are constantly faced with annoying adverts that spam the page. They can be as subtle as a small button, or as ridiculous as a pop-up. Now, internet users have turned to a new solution: ad blocking.

    Ad blocking, as it's name suggests, is the action of installing a third-party program or applet that disables all known advertisement scripts and plugins. Because of this, it has caused a lot of bloggers and website admins to start blaming their users for the lack of income to help support the websites' operation.

    I find this to be dumb. Let me portray an example.

    User visits a website. User doesn't have an ad blocker installed, so user naturally sees adverts. User has no intent to click on the ad, because it's pointless, unless user is not tech-savvy.
    Okay, so we already know that some people click on adverts anyway, but most know it's just solicitation or viruses. Therefore, we don't click the advert.
    So, user is annoyed by the adverts, or has a limited bandwidth and would like to squeeze every last drop of usage he/she has. User then installs an ad blocker. User visits the same website. It's ads are no longer showing up. It's no different than user not clicking the ads in the first place.

    Because of this, admins are irritated by their users since they use ad blocking software. But in all actuality, it's no different than the user not clicking the ad in the first place, as mentioned above. Because most ad services, like Google AdSense, record ad clicks to determine the admin's payment, it makes no sense that admins get frustrated at their users for using an ad blocker, since they weren't generating anything from those users anyway.

    See what I'm getting at?

    That's why some websites, such as The PokéCommunity, have special subscription-based supporter services that allow benefits to the users. It allows a revenue that helps pay for the website's domain costs, that cannot be "blocked", unless a user doesn't donate at all. I'm sure many people here donate to the forums, which is awesome. But I'm just saying, admins have no reason to be lashing out at users for something that seems quite contradictory. Also, if you're gonna slam your users, you're already pressuring negative effects on them, such as their leaving the website, or telling friends about what happened.

    What do you think about this, fellow users?

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