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    Name: Dr. Slavic
    Game: FireRed
    Number of Pokemon: 5
    Restrictions: I only want Pokemon that don’t evolve or only evolve once(I want a challenge!)
    Hello there! This here shall be my first challenge, if I complete it. I've signed up for challenges before but school took over my life so I didn't manage to finish them lol. Outta school now so I should be able to complete this one! =D

    For you Dr. Slavic your Pokemon shall be -
    Tentacruel, Flareon, Golbat, Kangaskhan, and Hitmonchan

    These pokemon fit the "don't evolve/only evolve once" restriction. The first roll I did I had thought you meant Pokemon that either don't evolve OR you'd restrict from evolving more than once ; so for that one I had gotten:

    , Machoke, Poliwhirl, Voltorb, Diglett
    (woulda put little sprites but haven't made 15 posts yet ; )

    So pretty much you can pick whichever of the two rolls you want lol

    Let me know if that's OK or if you'd like me to reroll again =D

    My sign-up:
    Name: LovingLife17
    Game: SoulSilver (Johto Dex)
    Number of Pokemon: 5
    Restrictions: I would appreciate it if NFE Pokemon were excluded , otherwise fully random!
    Thank you!

    I look forward to seeing what my team will be =3