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    Rafael Kai and Zora Loa- Cafeteria

    "Oh uhm Dewott was protecting Lulu from a wild Spearow and it kinda evolved" I smiled and rubbed the back of my head and let out a slight giggle as Pikachu sat next to the girl who sat near us. The girl softly pet my Pikachu and continued eating with her Zorua, Snorunt, and Mudkip. Pikachu smiled and lowered its ears as it was pet. Dewott was standing next to Lulu and Lulu suddenly hugged him and thanked him in Pokemon language

    "W-Wait did you say you caught a Scyther- I asked and my eyes widened and I laughed softly. The girl that Pikachu was sitting next to suddenly got up and walked over to us.

    "Hi there you guys. My name is Zora" The female said and sat next to Cecil and smiled brightly. Her Zorua, Snorunt, and Mudkip walked over to her and sat next to her. My Pikachu ran over to me and sat on my head.
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