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    Posting an update:

    Kanto 2/8 Johto 0/16 Hoenn 0/8

    Started by taking Squirtle.
    Defeated rival twice.
    Caught Pidgey, Rattata, and Pikachu, all for HM Slave use (since Butterfree can't learn Flash in Gen 1)
    Defeated Brock.
    Captured Geodude (HM Slave) and Clefairy (for no particular reason) at Mt. Moon.
    Chose Dome fossil at Mt. Moon.
    Defeated Misty.
    Obtained Bike Voucher.
    Obtained Old Rod.
    Captured Magikarp.

    Current Team:
    Wartortle, Lv. 31, Tackle, Bite, Water Gun, Bubble
    Magikarp, Lv. 5, Splash